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Access 2003

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Perhaps the most widely distributed desktop database program in the world, Microsoft® Access is a standard in office information management. Whether you are new to Access, upgrading from a previous release, or need to obtain your MOS certification, this course takes you step-by-step through your mastery of Access 2003.

Learn to create, manage, and distribute databases, complete with input forms and advanced reporting.

3 levels - 95 modules - 9 learning hours


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SINGLE USER: Access 2003 (3 levels)
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1 YR ONLINE, e-Study Guides$149.00Add To Cart
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MULTI USER: Access 2003 (3 levels)
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Course Instructor: Casey McNeal

Casey has been speaking professionally for over nine years. His diverse professional background and his life as a stand-up comic have prepared him for the life that he now lives and loves. His students love his light-hearted format and come away from this course excited and well-prepared to apply their new skills immediately.

Course Outline

Access Level 1
  • Database Concepts
  • Tour of Access
Database Wizard
  • Building a Database
Creating Databases from Scratch
  • Using the Table Wizards
  • Tables from Scratch
Database View
  • Changing Records
Table Appearance
  • Cell Effects
  • Managing Appearance of Columns
Filter Techniques
  • Sorting-Finding & Filtering
Query Essentials
  • Relationships
  • Query Wizard
  • Adding Criteria
  • Using Wildcards
Access 2003 Level 2
Form Essentials
  • Using the Form Wizard
  • Creating Forms with AutoForm
Report Essentials
  • Using the Report Wizard
  • Exporting Reports
  • Using the Label Wizard
  • Getting Help
Field Properties
  • Field Size
  • Date and Time
  • Custom Formats
  • Yes & No Fields
  • Default Value & Expression Builder
  • Validation Rule
  • Indexed Fields Unicode & IME
  • Smart Tags
Create a Lookup
  • Inserting a Field
  • Inserting a Lookup Field
  • Adding to the Lookup List
  • Limit to List
Importing & Exporting Data
  • Export to Excel
  • Importing from Databases
  • Importing Data from Excel
  • Linking Data from Excel
  • Creating a Shared Database
  • Relationship Concepts
  • Creating Table Relationships
  • Enforcing Referential Integrity
  • Understanding Cascade Options
  • Printing Database Information
Access 2003 Level 3
Advanced Query Techniques
  • Query Desing Tips & Tricks
  • Using Parameter Queries
  • Multiple Parameter Queries
  • Report Bases on a Parameter Query
  • Setting up Calculated Fields
  • Overview of the Expression Builder
  • Creating Summary Queries
Access & HTML
  • Creating & Using Hyperlinks
  • Publish Database to HTML Format
  • Data Access Pages
Merging Access into Word
  • The Mail Merge Wizard
  • Running the Merge
Action Queries
  • Make Table Query
  • Running an Append Query
  • Running a Delete Query
  • Running an Update Query
  • Printing
Database Maintenance
  • Compact & Backup
  • Using Compact & Repair Utility
  • Using Backup & Restore Tool
Advanced Form Design
  • Printing the Selected Records
  • Creating & Using Form Controls
  • Calculated Controls
Advanced Form Modification
  • Selecting Controls
  • Sizing & Moving Controls
  • Adding Fields
  • Saving & Viewing Forms
  • Adjust Tab Order
Advanced Report Design
  • Understanding the Report Design
  • Modifying Controls
  • Adding Controls
  • Softing & Grouping Report Data
  • Working with the Pagebreak Control